Where are you located? 1450 Clough Pike, Batavia, Ohio 45103 (across from the soccer field and just down from  Batavia Township Park and Administration Building) 

What makes Landmark different from other churches I’ve attended? Churches should reflect the gifts of those who make up the congregation, rather than being “cookie cutter copies” of one another. We don’t do things just because other churches do them. In fact, we’re not a church with oodles of tiring programs that keep people from living life. We think our time is best spent modeling and sharing the gospel in normal, everyday settings (e.g., over meals, going to the store, being a good worker or student or community member, and being hospitable to everyone we meet; cf. Romans 12; Galatians 6:10). 

What should I wear? Most of our folks wear casual clothing. Nothing fancy! 

Where should I park? You can park anywhere you like! There are designated spots by the entrance for families with infants and some that are handicap accessible.

What can I expect when I walk in the door? A welcome desk staffed with people to assist you. 

Will I be expected to donate money if I attend a service? No. Since our members have committed to supplying our church needs, our guests are free to give or not give as the Lord leads them.

What Bible version do you use? Mainly we use the English Standard Version. Occasionally, we reference other versions. You are encouraged to bring a Bible, a Bible app, or grab a free Bible from our resource table. 

What musical worship “style” should I expect? Our service follows a gospel-shaped liturgy and includes historic and contemporary songs, often set to a modern tune. Most services open with two or three songs that reflect God’s glory, our sinfulness and Christ’s redemption. This is followed by the sermon, communion and a couple more songs to reflect our Savior’s sacrifice and our mission. We end our time together with some encouraging thoughts as we’re dismissed to serve the Lord in the coming week. 

Will I be put on the spot during any of the services? Absolutely not! We won’t ask you to stand or address the congregation. Our welcome team will likely offer you the opportunity to meet our pastors before or after service. 

I have young children…. What about them? We believe it’s important for children to see their parents and other adults worshiping God. Our congregation has grown accustomed to the presence of children in the service, and we want them to participate and know they belong. We understand this can be challenging at times, so we have spaces where families can go to be a little louder and still participate in the service.

How can I get connected? The simplest way is to send us a text message at (513) 752-7751. From there, we will assist you in understanding the functioning of our church so you do not feel isolated. Connections are crucial for a sense of belonging. Our aim is to support you through every step of the process so you can establish and develop healthy friendships within our congregation.