I’ve slowly been digesting a book called “The Power of Moments”. At one point it asks, “Why do we remember certain experiences and forget others?”

Psychologists have determined that when emotions are attached to an experience, we remember it. More specifically, when we recall an experience, we often automatically ignore most of what happened and focus on just a few particular moments. Defining moments if you will. These can be positive or negative but they are moments that stand out which influence how we perceive and interpret a situation or memory.

One chapter called, “break the script”, piqued my curiosity with the idea that we can choose to intentionally defy people’s expectations of how an experience could or should unfold in order to boost the sensory pleasures in the brain to create a positive and truly memorable experience.

Businesses do it all the time in order to create positive experiences and returning customers. Me: “Thanks for the chicken sandwich!” Employee: “It’s my pleasure!” Me: “Wow! Their customer service is always so great! So is the chicken. I will be back.”

So, here’s where my wheels started turning…

If that’s how our brains are wired, and God created our brains to function that way, it makes even more sense then when the scriptures tell us that we are to be “salt” and “light” in the world.

I mean, it’s not just a good idea, right?! Of course not.

There are many reasons to be salt and light, but I do believe there’s even more intentionality behind it that what we’ve likely thought of before. There’s human biology. How our brains are wired.

When the world would naturally respond to a situation with impatience, anger and hate, what if we chose to respond with grace, forgiveness and mercy?

Wouldn’t that “break the script”?!

By choosing to respond in godly ways, we can intentionally create powerful moments that have the potential to draw people right to God. Moments that can help shape someone’s experience and create memories of what a true follower of Jesus is like. Think about it…your choice to respond with grace and mercy could be life changing for someone else. That is power!

I just love it when the Lord reveals more of His creation that works in synchrony.