This may shock you but...I’m glad the holidays are over.
Christmas is not my favorite time of year. (gasp!) I really, really want it to be…I do! But, well, maybe that’s the problem. My desire for wonderful, perfect holidays has always been a problem for me as far back as I can remember.
It’s my expectations vs reality. My expectation = high.
Perfect family/friend relationships. Perfect memories created.
Perfect scenarios.
Happiness and joy abounding!
I know I’m not the only one.
Honestly, I can forego all gifts as long as I have my beloved family and friends close!!
It’s hard having idealistic expectations (although I’m also very much a realist). Realism is more about understanding how things are, even if they’re not how we expect/desire them to be. Idealism is more about dreaming how things could be (or believing that we can think and/or plan our way into better realities).
Society makes it even more difficult with the incessant marketing of Pinterest-worthy holiday ideals. Are we even living if perfection doesn’t occur?! (load sarcasm here ) Whose idea of perfection anyhow?! Yours will be different than mine.
If you’re like me, relationships are the primo thing. I’m very family oriented and I thrive in having close relationships with friends and relatives. When my relationships are in turmoil, my life can feel like chaos.
But loving people/things too much is idolatry especially when we’re loving them for selfish reasons (to meet my every expectation). No one can live under the weight of those expectations and that kind of pressure.
When we desire people and things and perfect scenarios too much, if we aren’t content with who/what God’s given us, and if we struggle to focus on the real reason for celebrating in the first place, well…that is far from ideal.
We all know this. It’s good to be reminded though, right?!
There will always be room to grow in our relationships (which will make them better), but I’m reminded of the scripture that says, “if possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.” (Rom. 12:18). Sometimes relational situations just stink and it may take a very long time for healing to take place.
So realistically and humbly, I would like to ask, Is Jesus Enough? Was He enough for you through the holidays this year?
I’m very thankful for these types of reminders as I go through the Christmas season year after year because they’re one of God’s gracious ways of gently pulling me back towards Himself. Oh, how Good He Is.