Our Peace
Oftentimes we assume peace is smooth still waters, birds chirping, aromatherapy fragrance in the air, relaxing music playing, and freedom from any trouble. On the contrary, I would say that peace in the life of a Christian is anything but. Colossians 1:20 informs us that peace was secured by Jesus on the cross. Let’s consider that event in history for a moment. Maybe you can visualize with me the frenzied faces of Jesus’s accusers, spit flying from their lips as they shout slurs at Him. We could hear the roar of the crowd as they chant in unison
“Crucify Him!”
propelled on by adrenaline and the hysteria of the masses. We could witness the gore as men, drenched in sweat, put on a show for the crowds by torturing Jesus. Yet Jesus opened not His mouth. Jesus exemplified peace that day, showing how to remain calm when life all around Him was madness.
True peace begins with
assurance in God’s plan
reliance on things I can’t fully see
confidence in the outcome of all situations
trust in a firm hand.
True peace shows up like this:
calmness of heart when disorder presents itself
stability when it is hard to find footing
comfort of mind when thoughts rage
rest in chaos
tranquility with noise all around me
security in where I stand
stillness when waves rock the boat
consistency in the midst of radical change
serenity amid a thousand questions
graceful feet on rocky ground.
So as Jesus-followers, will you join me in practicing true peace?