As I read about You in Scripture, it is comforting to see how relevant Your examples are to my everyday experiences. Open my eyes to witness Your hand working in me, my family, and those You’ve placed in my life.

As a little finger taps my shoulder at 3am, and all I want to do is roll back over and go to sleep, I am reminded that You never leave me nor forsake me.

As I am asked the same question for the twentieth time, and all I want to do is impatiently scream, I am reminded that You are compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.

As I find all those dirty dishes in the clean pile and I want to shame kids into obedience, I am reminded of Your gentle Spirit guiding me in truth and teaching me all things.

As they continue to struggle with homework and find themselves on the brink of tears, I am reminded that You sympathize with me in my weaknesses.

As I catch a child in a bold-faced lie and my jaw hangs open in disbelief, I am reminded that You restore in a spirit of gentleness.

As I listen to siblings bicker and fight, I am reminded of the unity and peace You have made available to us in Christ.

As I mistakenly correct one child for another’s transgression, I am reminded that You took the punishment for my transgressions.

As I see a child refuse to clean up because “It’s not my fault,” I am reminded You washed feet when it wasn’t Your job.

As our schedules fill up quickly, and the kids watch what I put on my calendar, I am reminded to set aside time to be still with You.

As I hear one child bribe another not to tell mom, I am reminded that You provide mercy for those who confess and forsake sin.

As one child shrinks from embarrassment from the mocking of another, I am reminded we have worth because we resemble You.

As I facilitate restoration between siblings multiple times in a day, I am reminded that “seventy times seven” is not a prescription–it’s part of Your very nature.

As I continue on this journey to follow You, continue to teach me through every moment. Use these lessons to complete what You’ve started in me. Amen.